The data here can be used to enhance your project. Using the native Google Sheets connector in Tableau 10 you can easily incorporate any of these resources. Scroll down for more info

More Info

Video Tutorial

Step by Step

  1. Browse to the Google Drive folder here
  2. Right click on the folder in the menu bar and choose “Add to my Drive”
  3. Next, go find the sheet you want to use in your analysis
  4. You can right click and choose “details” for info on the file
  5. Once you have a data set you want to use make sure to copy the url
  6. Now open up Tableau and then connect to Google Sheets
  7. After logging in, paste in the URL to the file in the search bar

    Tableau doesn’t yet recognized folders shared with you in the list of files or through searching by name

  8. Click connect and enjoy!


  • These files will change over time and some are automatically updated by the original source (eg. Wikipedia)
  • Make sure to use an extract
  • If you want to contact the owner you can find their information in the file details